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Blutch [b]
2002 has been the breakthrough of revivals regarding electro and no-wave. We think it’s time to get metal sludgers back to where they belong. On top of a stage: loud, slow and intimitading the audience. Belgium’s finest guitarslingers Blutch provide you a soundtrack back to those days when Earth/Melvins/Codeine ruled the universe. While Ozzie is taking a nap, these guys run of with his legacy towards a speed which doens’t exceed Low rhytms.

   Un Caddie Renversé Dans l’Herbe [es]
Visionary electronica with lots of twinks and hisses. Who needs a shrink if you have this Spanish heat to relax and reconsider what sound is all about?
Yes, electronica isn’t completely dead.

Joe Cocksucker [lie]
Lots of attention been given to the fuck-up movement (Girls on Top, Donna Summer), but none exceeds the sheer terror from this Liechtenstein quartet. As foetus they witnessed a concert by Joe Cocker resulting in a trauma which only could be dealed with through a Massimo alike attack on the guy’s classics. On second thoughts: Massimo isn’t a good reference-point. He sounds like Dean Martin in comparison with the mighty Joe Cocksucker. “With a little help from our friends, indeed”.

Tony Conrad [usa]
This man has generally been aknowledged as the Godfather of Minimalism. His screeping crescendo violin sounds have influenced directly numerous artists around the globe. Lots of people got to know him through his work with Jim O’Rourke, David Grubbs, Gastr Del sol, Faust and numerous others. His style is unique, and will be eternally part of your life after witnessing his life performance. He wrote a book about Minimalism which is indispensable for al music-fans. Be it Alan Licht or Velvet Underground. Tony Conrad is one of those very few living legends whom display their sounds rather as an evolution then looking back. Always challenging boundaries for more, so encouraging younger artist to go beyond their limits. Start levitating.

   Denzel + Huhn [ger]
Germany has always been a pleasure ground for electronic music. Hundreds of bands/labels specialising in this music creating a worldwide fanbase. It came to a surprise for us that Denzel Und Huhn never played Belgium before. They have a distintive sound which corresponds with their label City Centre Offices, their city Berlin, and above all: a unique sound.

Kiila [fin]
Off course Scandinavia should be on our fest. And what better opportunity is there to present Kiila. Amongst their members you will find Es-star Sami (previous cd on (K-RAA-K)3). Witnessing a live-video convinced us of the mesmerizing effect a Kiila conert can have on the audience. The clash between neo-Kraut, postrock and psychedelica couldn’t be better issued then by this twisted minds out of Finland. Is it the alcohol or the cold which make these people so wicked? It wouldn’t come as a surprise if this band will be this year’s revelation.

Lowfish [can]
In the early days of our distribution we fell in love with Lowfish. So hard that we even licensed his “eliminator” cd on vinyl. We tried to put him on stage in 2002, but we got him this year. Lowfish (and his label Suction) are co-responsible for the complete electro-hype which surrounds us worldwide these days. He is still on the forefront of robot-alike music. The energy, and clever nostalgic trips take Lowfish on top of their league. We would say: “eat this Kylie”, but we are kind folks and are wandering if any Blutch-fan will dance to this, and vice versa off course. Ladies and Gentlemen: for the first time ever in Belgium: LOWFISH

   Numbers [usa]
“I’ll be damned if no-wave would ever make an impact”, i was thinking in the late seventies. I’ve been proven wrong. 2002 is exactly the year no-wave came back. Heavier, lots of energy to boost and with even great stuttering melodies. Kid606 noticed this quickly and signed them to his Tigerbeat6-label. Their “in your face” soundclash of yelling guitars, screeming voices, pumping bass and kitschy electro-synths are very direct. If you are looking for a band who sounds as Teenage Jesus mixed with the Jerks, Adult, early Metallica or Glenn Branca: you found them.

Hangedup [can]
Constellation always rings some bells for postrockers around the globe. Hangedup however cannot be compared with labelmates GSYBE etc... This duo has enough with violin, bas and drums to make an impressive wall of sound. Complete with silences, intimate interludes, brutal trash assaults and controlled madness. Their “Kicker in Two” cd (released in 2002) was generally acclaimed as one of the best album from that year. Live-reports across the ocean rave about the live-setting. For the first time in Europe to be witnessed. We spoil you all too well.

Hellfire [ger]
What should we say about this mainly female oriented band? They rock the shit out of everybody with their ressemblance of early Devo/ B-52’s. Confronting this past with contemporary bands such as Chicks on Speed/Queen of Japan gives a pretty good description of what the band sounds like. Their debut record just been released on the legendary Hausmusik label promisses quality. This time quality goes hand in hand with energy, fun, kitsch and pure rock and roll. Let the good times begin.

Sunroof! [uk]
Semi-legendary Matthew Bower did lead some crucial bands in music-history. Just naming “Total” and “Skullflower” should rise some eyebrows. Sunroof! is his latest effort to persuade the world about a sound which will take you to heaven and hell within a space of two minutes. Blistering drones, haunting drum paterns and above all, the ever present distinct Bower-guitar leading the way. Witnessing sunroof! live in nothing less then a full body massage. No wonder Neil Campbell and Mick Flower (both Vibracathedral Orchestra) joined ranks for this live-date. No doubts some brains will be disturbed after their first passage on the Continent. Spread out over the cd’s you will find familiar names such as Richard Youngs, John Godbert, which just points out the improfield he’s working amongst.

Tuk [b]
Guillaume Graux aka Tuk was responsible for some of these great visuals during the 2001 fest. Not only is he a great cineast, but also brilliant musician. An intelligent mix of electronica, accoustic guitar provides a warm surrounding. Kind of Fennesz jamming with Grubbs if you like. Warm melodies through cold machines.

   Greg Weeks [usa]
Last but not least we got our yearly songwriter as well. Strangely enough this guy has only a fanatic following within the lo-fi world. Strange because his songs are really popclassics in the same league as Wio, Alastair Gallbraith, Montgolfier Brothers or even Smog. Chilled out melancholic, beautiful songs.
Both One.Dot.Zero [uk] and Impakt [nl] are ground-breaking media festivals. They push the boundaries of digital cinema, motion graphics, new forms and hybrids of moving image from around the globe. Access the future of the moving image covering music videos, motion graphics, small naratives, computer gaming cinematics or graphically inflected short films.

At the (K-RAA-K)3 festival we present highlights of the their latest edition, and as such we are able to give an overview of the best things that are happening in the (digital) movie scene in a very short time. Sublime work from established masters of film to exciting young bloods... the range of material is staggering.

One.Dot.Zero [uk]

Jake Knight: Salaryman
George Chua: While you sleep
Andy Martin: Messages from a russian heatwave
Twenty2product: Loop/ Music: Susumu Hirasawa
Ed Holdsworth: king pylon
Emile Rademeyer / xmas: %onkey’s Wedding / Quarterfold
Le Cabinet: streets
Richard Fenwick: rnd#23 content provider
Johnny Halifax: General Lighting and Power: Tikki
Chan Ka Hing: Channel v / Station idents
Alex Mouton: Eyeball inc: disc jockey [dj icon / dj craze]
Bob Sabiston: the Yard
Chris Pew: Capsule 9: datum overture core [edit]
Ben Hibon/Unit9: Full moon safari
Honey Brothers: To love to hate
Donald Cameron: Sci fi idents
D-fuse: Syn_ real #01 / FunkstÜrung
Jeremy Hollister: Peacekeeping
Henrik Mauler / Jamie Raap: No c no k [edit]
Sweden Graphics: Swedotzero

  Impakt [nl]

Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay: I am a Boyband - Germany/Canada / 2002
Emily Richardson: Redshift - United Kingdom / 2001
Corinna Schnitt: Das Schlafende MR¸dchen / The Sleeping Girl - Germany / 2001
Igor Sevcuk: My Aunt Superstar - The Netherlands / 2002
Joreige Lamia: Replay (bis) - Lebanon / 2002
AG¸da Ruilova : AH-AAH-AH - USA / 2002
Matthias Fritsch: Buscam (No.2)- Germany / 2001
Julika Rudelius: TRAIN - The Netherlands / 2001
Yoshinao Satoh: Variations for Movements- Japan / 2001
Bas van Koolwijk: Five - The Netherlands / 2002
Kota Ezawa: The Simpson Verdict- USA / 2002
Leon Grodski: Great Balls of Fire- USA / 2001
Caspar Stracke: No Damage - USA / 2002
Bryan Boyce: State of the Union - USA / 2001

We also invited three upcoming visual artists to install projections:

Christophe Bailleau [fr] is born in France but studies art in Brussels. His work deals with subjects as solitude, the no mans land, the aburdity of life. Bailleau is also a decent musician and his work makes extensive use of this.

Shino Kano [jp] is an upcoming visual talent from Japan and working at the Musahino Art University. The short film Rocking Chair, a experiment on the adjustment of brightness by a camera, received several prices.

Liesbeth Vlerick [b] is a photographer . The pictures shown on the festival focus on memory and youth sentimentality.