Coco Haez, one of the souls and brains behind the lost but not forgotten Amok house, a stronghold in Aalst for alternative coffee, art and cycling culture was inspired by the dark techno sound of Inhalants’ weed etiquette.

— by Coco Haez / poetry by AJ Falelavaki

What does the music sound like?

Sophisticated and inventive words are used to write an adequate and fitting text about the artists and their sounds. And facts. Where are they from, how old are they? Married? Gay? What other music do they like? What other artists does there music sound like? I could have written it all down, but I didn’t. My head felt like the swamps described in the lines below and I could not get an interesting word on paper. So I asked my friend AJ to write some poetry on the music and write down all that comes to mind while listening to the grinding underwater sounds of Inhalants. I think it describes their music more accurately than anything I would have written. Enjoy Inhalants through the poetry of AJ Falelavaki. And check out their show, it will take you places you have never been.

 motorcycle march – warneton warning – coeur joyeux

glitchy yet smoothy


demp bass

drops of clear babyblue neon bulbs

calling up curiosity for what lies beneath this lake-looking vision promptly popping up


making way for an invitation through a dark wood


shit. im early to the party

dirty fuckin rotterdam colonized the floor

not knowing if this calls for uppers or downers.

no need to get equalized

too clean for swamping

too dirty for bathing

this sounds sophisticated

belongs in a berlin club with a waiting line

and a doorlady in doubt.


by the time i got in i realised i was way out.

looking for company in a hazy moodswing.

rather pulling than pushing – pulling in

not away.

doorman said yes but i stay hesitant.

euro cellar claps gets my body

moving faster than my brain could.

so i decide to move

all the way in.


now i want all the way


taken all the way



shit. how did i end up under this waterbed.

was that fireworks or did i accidentally

switch season?

short little shock.

pounds. not soft.

the kinda music thats used for an amateur opiate enhanced softcore short.

t o n g u e s.

s a l i v a .

reds and blues – fluid transition of color into slowed down intercourse whipped firmly into shape.


imagine a room.



human sweat dripping from the ceiling.

white light.

only bright when dark drools inside.


the kinda music that allows you to a whole range of drugs.

even solid when sober.


as rich as it is hollow –

it’s titsweating thigh tightening

feet stompin ground

head in the nightskies

injecting inception


we are in a fucking zoo.

not sure if free or trapped.

as if for once you’d be comfortable with crawling through the K-hole.


this is a sexy swamp.

scary to some – sacred to few

a water world explored

expecting explosion only to leave you unexposed to

unwanted emotion

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