This project was born out of the ashes of the notorious Column One. The Berlin-based triumvirate of Robert Schalinski, Rashad Becker and Jürgen Eckloff decided to throw off their masks and envision a heightened focus on sound rather then on performance. The three masters in contemporary electronica are bound by a very defined approach that you can call absolute music. An approach in which sounds are detached and isolated from the ‘real’ world. Abstraction is the key to create an immersive and pure experience, fuelled by a taste for the uncanny, the unheimlich and the confused. We are as curious as you are, as we image a musical equivalent of being sucked into Samuel Beckett’s Molloy novel.

— by Robert Schalinski

As the unexpected can be expected, a standard interview wouldn’t be sufficient to cover their output. Even they don’t know what it’s heading towards. To give an insight in their working methods, Robert Schalinski provided some graphic scores.

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