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Australian Open 2

Blank Realm (AU), Cured Pink (AU), Kitchen’s Floor (AU), Tarcar (AU), DJ Spencer ‘Monopoly Child’ Clark
Tue. 15 September 2015
Het Bos, Antwerp
doors: 22:00
ticket: 10 

Mocht een far out wetenschapper een onderzoek plegen naar het wereldwijde netwerk van underground muziek, laten we dan aannemen dat hij daartoe een gat los door de aarde zou boren, ongeveer ter hoogte van Het Bos. Naar alle waarschijnlijkheid

Blank Realm

Hailing from Brisbane, Blank Realm consists of three siblings, Daniel, Luke and Sarah Spencer, and Luke Walsh. Renowned for their ecstatic live performances and boundary-pushing, yet listenable records, the group have released several sold out recordin

Cured Pink

“…it comes with a mutant Jah Wobble vibe that quickly calls to mind the greatest Australian group to ever exist, Slugfuckers, in a way that seems entirely casual and cool and without the slightest bit of the most deadly artistic sin, “trying hard to be

Kitchen's Floor

Formed in 2007 by Brisbane based musician Matt Kennedy, Kitchen’s Floor have released their music through many respected independent record labels such as Siltbreeze, Bedroom Suck, R.I.P Society, Negative Guest List, Quemada, Easter Bilby, and Breakdan


Tarcar is the Melbourne-based duo of Carla dal Forno (Mole House, Fingers Pty Ltd) and Tarquin Manek (LST, Bum Creek, Fingers Pty Ltd). On Mince Glace(2014) their debut release for Blackest Ever Black (Cut Hands, Lustmord ...) they travel the treachero