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Avant-Garde Alchemy

Sarah Davachi (CA), Léa Bertucci (US)
Thu. 09 November 2017
Huis 23, Brussels
doors: 21:00

Huis 23 and KRAAK present two rising stars within the new wave of transparent and mystic avant-garde composers.

Sarah Davachi

On highly acclaimed records like ‘All My Circles Run’ (Students of Decay, 2017) or ‘Vergers’ (Important, 2016) the Canadian composer Sarah Davachi researches the mystical properties of overtone and spectral music. She

Léa Bertucci

The bass clarinetist and composer Léa Bertucci is the new rising star of the New Yorkian Underground. She explores the acoustics of space and harmonics through graphic scores, internal and external feedbacks and multi-channel systems.