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‘B-Sides & Rarities’

Henry Andersen (AU), Eleanor Weber (AU), Simon Asencio (FR), Bryana Fritz (US), Ailsa Cavers (UK), Axelle Stiefel (CH), Chritiane Blattman (DE), Jannis Marwitz (DE), Sébastien Capouet (BE), Mekhitar Garabedian (BE), Marion Mena (FR), Maud Gourdon (FR)
Thu. 25 May 2017
Damien & The Love Guru, Brussels
doors: 22:00

A happening to present K093 — Henry Andersen’s debut album ‘Stanza’s’ or ‘The Law of the Good Neighbour’. Henry Andersen is a Bruss

Henry Andersen

His debut vinyl is a recording of the longrunning piece ‘Stanzas’ or ‘the Law of the Good Neighbour’. On each side, a pair of his friends reads simultaneously from a list of words. The list is an unfinished result of a word game Andersen has b