Wed. 19 October 2011
Gunther Antwerp
Doors at 22:30

Bill Orcutt vs. Maja Jantar

Bill Orcutt (US), Maja Jantar (BE)


Bill Orcutt

Back in the nineties Bill Orcutt and his wife Adris Hoyos contributed their part to noise history with their band Harry Pussy. By the time that band had had its day, Orcutt recorded his first solo cd, entitled “Solo cd”. Thirteen years later he suddenly released a new 7” and a new full lp on his own Palilalia imprint, amazing friend and foe with his acoustic style. His incredible live performances are strong as Tom Barman’s saturday night coke!

Maja Jantar

Maja Jantar is a ‘multilingual and polysonic voice artist’ from Ghent. She is one of the founders of the KriKri, home of concrete, visual and other unusual forms of poetry. In her performances she explores the most extreme possibilities of the human voice.