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BRAUBLFF (Materie und Laut) 5

Gerhard Rühm & Monika Lichtenfeld Rühm (AT/DE), Ben Vida feat. Maja Jantar & Inge van den Kroonenberg (US/BE/NL), Dennis Tyfus (BE), Florian Cramer (NL)
Fri. 22 January 2016
Beursschouwburg, Brussel
doors: 21:30

5th installment in the ongoing research series on where and how language tranforms into music. By KRAAK & DE PLAYER (Rotterdam)

BRAUBLFF (materie und Laut) is series of concerts in cooperation with De Player (Rotterdam). Where and how transf

Gerhard Rühm

Legendary artist born in Vienna in 1930. He began by studying composition and Oriental music, but came to devote most of his energy to literature, esp. concrete poetry. His aim has been nothing less than making language an aesthetic medium on a par wit

Ben Vida

Ben Vida (us) is a Brooklyn based composer, improviser and artist. He produces compositions that utilize analog and digital synthesizing technologies and focus on aural phenomena and auditory illusions. He has released records with PAN, ALKU, Thrill Jo

Florian Cramer

Florian Cramer (de/nl) is professor and researcher with a personal background in a mix of comparative literature and art history combined with post-punk and post-Fluxus DIY culture, technical-critical obsessions with ‘radical’ media such as the Unix co

Dennis Tyfus

Schizo pene trento personata sympatico. Collector of all thing outsider and true collagist across media which you’d never thought of. Impersonator of imagination.