Tue. 20 April 2010
Slachthuis Ghent
Doors at 22:30

butchers hook

High Wolf (UK), Manuel Mota (PT), Yellow6 (UK), Microphonics (BE)

i.s.m. Anthonys, Drashhoek en Slachthuis

High Wolf

HIGH WOLF (uk) howls psychedelic drone incantations and tribal loops through effect pedals. The melodies develop unconsciously through the collective mind. Exotic sound trips spin slowly through the same aquatic spheres that also house the Skaters, Ducktails and Robedoor.

Manuel Mota

Active since 1989 MANUEL MOTA (pt) is one of the most prominent experimental guitar players in Portugal. “...great Portugese improvising guitarist that Derek Bailey named as one of the few interesting musicians currently orbiting the planet of free sound.” (Volcanic Tongue)


“More ambient than post rock, YELLOW6 (uk) draws comparisons to Labradford, Cocteau Twins, Durutti Column, Slowdive, Windy & Carl and Erik Satie, as opposed to the quiet/loud exponents; this is quiet/quiet, with an overall air of wistful melancholy” (Resonant Recordings)


“Equipped with nothing but a Gibson les paul and a few effect pedals, Dirk Serries (Fear Falls Burning) turns clubs, artgalleries, unusual performance spaces and concert houses into intimate spaces of sonic echoes and shimmering overtones.”