Wed. 21 April 2010
De Bunker Brussels
Doors at 22:30

cold harlots

Led Er Est (US), Xeno & Oaklander (US)

Xeno & Oaklander

Wierd Records in New York has been focussing on everything that smells like the dark 80s for the last few years. Xeno & Oaklander is one of the major examples of that. The duo makes danceable analog synth pop, reminding of early Depeche Mode and Absolute Body Control. Oh no!

Led Er Est

Oh no! The American new school cold wave virus has reached the European coasts. Luckily only the fittest made it over. Postpunk, old-school techno and synth wave are the key words in the artictic credo of Led Er Est, the most Belgian sounding band hailing from the states ever!