Sun. 14 March — Wed. 17 March 2010
Witte Zaal Ghent
Doors at 21:30

Courtisane Festival

Oneohtrix Point Never (US), No Fun Acid (US), Peter Jacquemyn / Mauro Pawlowski / Eric Thielemans Trio (BE)

Musical side program of the 2010 edition of Courstisane Festival. Happens at the Witte Zaal, as part of the side exhibition Digest Sound.



With Matt O’dell, Erik Bünger, Omer Fast, Jean-Luc Moulène en Disinformation Communication no longer can’t do without technology. It needs a medium, but also an understanding ear. We look at what’s going wrong, where exactly the message gets deformed, the medium fales and the ear no longer wants to listen or understand. Digest Sound collects political manifesto’s, religious sermons, monologues, confusion of tongues, conspiracies, demons and ghosts, news anchors, mobile masts and the forefathers of radar …



Wed. 14 April 2010

20:30Oneohtrix Point Never
21:30No Fun Acid

Sat. 17 April 2010
Witte Zaal

20:30Peter Jacquemyn / Mauro Pawlowski / Eric Thielemans Trio

Oneohtrix Point Never

At night, when he digs up his Juno, Daniel Lopatin transforms to ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER to explore 80s kosmische soundtracks, 90s ambient and mystical noise. Lopatin is one of the key figures of the post-noise scene, next to bands such as Emerals, Pocahaunted, The Skaters etc. He is also a video artist and will play a live soundtrack to his own visual art.

No Fun Acid

Carlos Giffoni helped to develop the noise genre with his already legendary No Fun Fest and No Fun imprint. He also rediscovered the power of synth music, but instead of choosing the cosmic noise path he started to deconstruct the acid genre. Under his moniker NO FUN ACID he makes dance music for people who can’t actually dance… No Fun Acid 

Thielemans/Jacquemyn/Pawlowski Trio

Three of Belgium’s most interesting improvisers share the Courtisane stage. De classical trained percussionist ERIC THIELEMANS makes traditions clash and seeks a new language for improvised drumming. PETER JACQUEMYN translates the experiment of his sculptural art to double bass, and prepares his instrument like a modern statue. In a trio with musical chameleon MAURO PAWLOWSKI these guys make sure for a free improv explosion that can compete with the masters of the genre.