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Current Thoughts on Vocalism

Widt (PL), Napalm Tree (UK/DE), DJ Watcharita
Fri. 09 December 2016
TramZwart, Ghent
doors: 21:30
ticket: Students 5  The Rest


There is something happening in Poland, based on the excellent s/t VHS by the crossmedia duo Widt (Antoinette Nowacka and Bogumiła Piotrowska). With analogue video, vocal and electronics they create a psychedelic jungle which bears references to the Pierre Henry’s The Myth of Orpheus or L. Berio’s and C. Berberian’s Omagio a Joyce. Widt seduces the listener into a black hole of the forgotten, the avoided and the inexperienced.

Napalm Tree

The youngest half of the great Yeah You, with another unknown Viennese female voice.  The duo explores the other site of site-specific improvised pop, called Urban Bass-Improv. Improvised post 2016 beat collages and two gender bending female voice pushing the outer borders of R’n’B and Trap music.