Sat. 25 November 2023
Doors at 19:30


GR (FR), Jacken Elswyth (UK), Lazzaro (BE), Glenn Jones (US)

For our last show of the year, KRAAK and Dekant huddle together once more at the Villa Bota encampment in Bruges. With them: ghostly guitar soundscapes, de and re-constructed banjo tunes and neverending psychedelia from the French fringes.

CHOOSE YR PRICE   10 - 12 -15 


19:00Glenn Jones
21:00Jacken Elswyth

Glenn Jones

Hailing from Boston, Glenn Jones is a leading stylist of primitive guitar pickings and a much-loved figure of the scene, having frequently collaborated with Jack Rose and forming part of the legendary post-rock group Cul de Sac. His own compositions, guitar’d and banjo’d, are deeply touching and sophisticated, relayed in personal tunings and carrying an undoubtedly affective lyricism honed over a richly lived life.


Last spotted in the KRAAKosphere somewhere in late 2009, the enigmatic gunslinger known as GR is back with his relentlessly scorching brand of psych rock that never gets old. A one-man band in the truest of senses, burning amps and eardrums with ruthless riffs and feedback, lost in the opaque haze of drowned out vocals.

Jacken Elswyth

Engaging with the ever-bristling UK folk scene through outfits such as Shovel Dance Collective and Sullow, as well as running the Betwixt and Between label, Jacken Elswyth’s solo work explores the banjo as an instrument, object, and source of endless inspiration. Its sound and its making come into play, as her self-built iterations relay songs new and old for timeless backporch bliss.


This solo project of Brussels-based Geraldine Vanspauwen - oftentimes spotted playing within the many configurations of Sergeant - is all mood and ambient balladry. A singer/songwriteresque foray into cinematic soundscapes, where tape loops and guitar assist the poetry that takes us deep into lands wide and free.