Fri. 27 May 2022
LaVallée 39 rue Adolphe LaVallée, 1080 Brussels Brussels
Doors at 18:00

Divagation x KRAAK ~ Incantations à LaVallée

Manoir Molle (FR), Le diable dégoûtant (FR), El Manantial (FR), G.S. Sultan (US)

An devout and devotional soirée at the LaVallée homebase, this time alongside the Divagation homies of sorceries pasts ✨

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Fri. 27 May 2022
LaVallée, 39 rue Adolphe Lavallée, 1080 Brussels

19:15Manoir Molle (out)
20:15El Manantial (out)
21:15Le diable dégoûtant (out)
22:15G.S. Sultan (in)
23:00Touchemoulin dj set (in)

G.S. Sultan

Computerly generated liquid sounds from LA county. G.S. Sultan's aquatic gardens trickle intravenously for a head trip into rich digital utopias.

El Manantial

A newish outlet for Fiesta en el Vacio's true latina to slyly make the rounds ~ lo-fi cumbias for some compressed perreo moves.

Le diable dégoûtant

KRAAK Fest 2021 alum and seer of future folklores, Le diable returneth to our realm with her bog chants and fermented sounds. Wild summonings may yet occur.

Manoir Molle

Microtonal pop and distorted dreams from formerly/currently one half of the Jean-Marie Mercimek persona. It's all funhouse medleys for medieval kermis vibes from here on out.