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LSD March (JP), Starving Weirdos (US), Ignatz (BE)
Fri. 26 September 2008
De Bunker, Brussels
doors: 22:30

LSD March

Once every now and then, suddenly a new far-out Japanese psych combo appears on the scene that fries everyone’s mind immediately, but in that category LSD MARCH will stay the kings forever. With their perfect mix of Velvet Underground and Les Rallizes

Starving Weirdos@

STARVING WEIRDOS, with a name like that, people would make fun of you here in Europe. Weren’t it that the drones these people produce are so demented, we gladly forgive them their band name. Aquarius Records in San Francisco noticed this band a good wh


Our own IGNATZ comes with the long awaited “III” in September. On this album he wraps himself even deeper in his 21st century nightmare blues. Together with LSD March he’s touring through Europe to reap and destroy new souls.