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Eastern Daze II

Karkhana (LB/EG/TR), Arnold Dreyblatt (US), Inşalar (TR), Görkem Şen (TR), Antti Tolvi (FI), Ashtray Navigations (UK), Sarah Davachi (CA)
Sat. 28 November 2015
Vooruit, Ghent
doors: 15:00
ticket: vvk 15  add 20 

Vooruit, Oorstof, Europalia & KRAAK present the second edition of the infamous Eastern Daze festival. Music Of The Outer Regions so to speak.


Sat 28 November 2015

14:15 Sarah Davachi
15:10 Antti Tolvi
16:25 Gorkem Sen
17:25 Arnold Dreyblatt

Sat 28 November 2015

20:15 Karkhana
21:30 Ashtray Navigations
22:45 Insanlar
23:45 Baris K

Sarah Davachi

Sarah Davachi is a young canadian composer and musician. She explores deep spaces of hardcore minimalism through the magical rots that avant-garde music once produced: analogue modular synthesis. Here music is rooted deeply in the mystic tradition of d

Antti Tolvi

Antti Tolvi is one of the key figures in the Finnish improv scene emerged in the beginning of the 00ties, spoiling the world with loads of stunning, highly inspiring tapes and cd-r’s. Tolvi grew up in Panelia, as small village at the coast of Finland.

Görkem Sen

Turkish sound designer and composer Görkem Şen became a bit of an overnight internet sensation when he uploaded a video on youtube of him playing the Yaybahar. This self invented acoustic instrument with fretted strings, coiled springs and drum membran

Arnold Dreyblatt

Arnold Dreyblatt is an American Minimalist composer for whom the idea ‘cult’ seems to be invented. His body of work explores new forms of transcendental rhythmic minimalism, played on prepared instruments - like a double bass with piano strings. Just a


A Middle-Eastern supergroup of sorts, featuring fearless improv strong holders like Sam Shalabi, Sharif Sehnaoui, Maurice Louca, Mazen Kerbaj, Özün Usta, Tony Elieh en Umut Çağlar. Karkhana originally started as a tribute band to groundbreaking Egyptia

Ashtray Navigations

Phill Todd and Melanie Delaney are the core members of the legendary British noise duo Ashtray Navigations. Called after an album by an obscure 70ties psych band, they produced since 1991 an endless stream of cd-r’s tapes and lp’s embodying an unique f


Insanlar could be a hypnotic Sufi tribe jamming with 70ties Anatolian rock stars. It’s the new project of dj Barış K. and saz player Cem Yildiz + an ever rotating line-up of guest musicians. Barış K. first came to people’s attention mainly through the