Tue. 28 April 2009
Croxhapox Ghent
Doors at 22:30

Energy moustache

Lexie Mountain Boys (US), Hard Rock Cafe (US)

Hard Rock Cafe

James Ferraro really looks like the hobo twin of Lionel Richie. His music also sounds like the music of Lionel Richie’s twin brother, from the time he stole televisions in Texas to sell them to the people of the trailer camp. Here you can see him banging a eastern cymbal in London His new alter ego is HARD ROCK CAFE.

Lexie Mountain Boys

LEXIE MOUNTAIN BOYS are six art chicks from Baltimore who like throat singing, old American traditionals, dressing up like indians, stamping their feet, clapping their hands and acapella insanity. Here you can watch them freaking out. If you know what drugs they’re on, text “drugs” and your answer to 5666.