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Girls & Beasts

Gay Beast (US), U.S. Girls (US), Bird Names (US)
Fri. 05 February 2010
Scheld'apen, Antwerp
doors: 21:30

Gay Beast

GAY BEAST is a psychedelic prog-wave noise trio from Minnesota. Pure Skin Graft style, i.e. the label that gave you Flying Luttenbachers, Ruins and Aids Wolf. Solid spasmo prog, with female drumming and faggot keyboards and vocals. Think Lightning Bolt

U.S. Girls

U.S. GIRLS is Meghan Remy’s solo-fi machine. Tapes and vocals is all she needs for her distorted grrrrl power pop. This is her second Euro tour to celebrate her new release on the Siltbreeze imprint. 

Bird Names

Macaw, cockatoo, green-cheecked amazon, pigeon, garage rock, vocal harmonies, pop music…