Sun. 17 October 2021
Zonneklopper Avenue de la Verrerie 23 A, 1190 Brussels Brussels
Doors at 18:00

Goldblum Sun Chasin' Release Show

Goldblum (NL), Gaute Granli (NO), Dilian (US), 2GIRLSNAMEDSERGIO (BE), DJ Kim Sam Sung (BE)

Tracking down the last of the year's golden lights in order to celebrate a glowing new release: Goldblum's dreamy debut LP Of Feathers and Bones will be presented and fêted alongside the electronic mischiefs of Dilian, the strange disembodied psychedelia of Gaute Granli and the Sardinian-tinged Saab sounds of 2GIRLSNAMEDSERGIO, all rounded up by DJ Kim Sam Sung's eclectic selekshuns.

Our first collaboration with one of Brussels' newer collective spaces (man, we missed those) where the sun never really sets: Zonneklopper in da Forest ~ limited capacity, come early!

  free price starting from 5 EUR 


The Rotterdam duo of Marijn “Red Brut” Verbiesen and Michiel “Lewsberg” Klein are back in our spheres with their dark fantasy of a love project Goldblum. We’re stoked to be releasing their first full-length LP Of Feathers and Bones, a record so rich in oneiric ambiences, muddled textures and subdued melodrama you’ll think you’ve just woken up in a musty Hollywood film set covered in hypnagogic stardust. This is what real dreams are made of.


Part of the New York-based International Winners collective, Dilian (also known as GAP, Ke’so and who knows what else) brings a mélange of extremes to the table. Samples and samples and then some all coexist and integrate a landscape of musical possibility, bouncing between footwork-laced impressions, persistently chaotic beats and kaleidoscopic bursts of electronic mayhem. Some excesses are to be expected, especially in the dance move department.

Gaute Granli

Stavanger’s own master of disorientation comes back to our little capital a bit over a year since his KRAAK Fest 2020 stint. One-man choirs, unpredictable spatial swerves and always that guitar doing its weird thing ~ Gaute Granli’s bag of tricks are as perplexing as they are unmistakably affecting. An uncanny magic to behold, concurrently present on his Ultra Eczema LP Blusens Fasong and Stigmaa on our humble KRUT.


2GIRLSNAMEDSERGIO, the wanderlusty project of Amber Meulenijzer and Lukas De Clecrk, will be literally rolling through Zonneklopper all the way from Sardinia with their Saab Sculpture VIII, a travelling sound system built in Amber Meulenijzer's Saab Sculpture series. A combination of roaring launeddas, crying tenores, sardinian winds and circular mediterranean white noise will all be enveloped in alien Saab synths and waiting for travel-hungry ears to absorb these sonic memories.

DJ Kim Sam Sung

A wild selection of musical curio from all over the place, filtered through the unique viewpoint of a Dutch-born Anderlecht dweller arrived by way of Berlin. Beats of all sorts for afternoon moods and afterhour vibes ~ Kim Sam Sung always delivers.