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Graduation Exhibition Opening

Calhau! (PT), Colombey (FR), Oscar Wyers (NL), Lieven Martens Moana & Joris De Rycke (BE), DJ Kerm (BE)
Sat. 25 June 2016
School of Arts — Hortatuin, Ghent
doors: 00:00

In collab with KASK & Conservatorium / School of Arts

As you know, KRAAK is kindly hosted by KASK & Conservatorium / School of Arts as part of their residency program. Every year, the master students show their final projects on the Grad


A true gem from the Portugese underground. Sparse electronics blended with mystic vocal-ism — think Ghédalia Tazartes on the coffee by Diamanda Galás.

Deep in the Portugese underground Calhau! is con-structing an absurd universe in which nightma

O​scar Wyers

Oscar Wyers, also known as Teleport Without Error and Thaumaturgist, is a Dutchman who currently lives in Ghent. Besides his own projects he also releases experimental music on his label Oggy Records. His music reminds of vintage acid house à la Ceepha


Colombey, AKA TG Gondard, makes French synth pop under the name of his place of birth, a town in the Elzas where 650 people live. Gondard plays with the French musical tradition by creating a whole new synth-pop sound: crappy, simple casio sounds toget

Joris de Rycke & Lieven martens moana

Live radio show / performative dj-set

DJ Kerm

Ghentish strong force of the cassette underground. Mixes crappy acid, hair metal and sound collages with a firm hand.