Sat. 04 November 2023
Doors at 19:30

gr'Ambachting with

Radio Hito (BE), Rump State (US/NO)

Another autumnal night at our favorite living-room-turned-gallery space in Mechelen <3 For this gr’ambachting collab we’re happy to have some living/future legends of the Norwegian experimental sphere pulling some incessantly mind bending rhythmical stunts, as well as one of the most alluring voices of the Franco-Italian persuasion lulling us into prosaic dreamscapes. Tunes to warm up to, in more ways than the one you’d think!

CHOOSE YR PRICE   5 - 7 - 10 EUR 


20:30Radio Hito
21:30Rump State

Radio Hito

Zen My Nguyen from Brussels via Paris citadel, with solo vocals and sparse piano melodies to carry all the lilac poetry to the soul’s core.

Rump State

Gaute Granli from Stavanger and Mark Morgan from New York via Detroit byways, with deep fried guitars and post-gregorian techno to side-swerve into the wrong side of the so-called narrative.