Sat. 12 September 2009
Scheld'apen Antwerp
Doors at 22:30

Hell Thru Trip

GR (FR), Bear Bones, Lay Low (BE), Forklong (BE)

Bear Bones, Lay Low

Speaking of fuzz and wahwah. There’s only one man to count on in Belgium, and he’s not even Belgian: BEAR BONES, LAY LOW. These days he’s mostly experimenting with the synth gear of his father-in-law, making Suicide ripp-offs, but for this occasion he will dust off his kraut axe again for a trip beyond beyond.


Psych is doing well in Paris. After Aqua Nebula Oscillator and Gunslingers we now found out about and became big fans of GR. GR comes from the same vaults and has a same passion for dark kraut trips, wild garage psych and fuzz wahwah walhalla. Jammed with Michael Yonkers and likes his lp’s limited and obscure. Europsych as we like it.


FORKLONG is a young finger picker from Antwerp. He composes atmospheric ballads, bringing the spirit of people like Cian Nugent, Mississippi John Hurt and Ennio Morricone to Belgian soil.