Sat. 17 November 2018
Social Harmony HQ Ghent
Doors at 21:00

KRAAK and Social Harmony present:

Bridget Hayden (UK), Jon Collin (SE), IJF (dj)



Sat. 17 November 2018
Social Harmony HQ

21:00Bridget Hayden
22:00Jon Collin
before, inbetween and afterIJF (dj)

Bridget Hayden

UK-based Bridget Hayden creates “galaxy electrified musical noise”, charged with repetitive bass guitar and lo-fi experimental drone sounds.  Her music performance comes in drifts of intimate, physically engaging instrumental-ambient. The last LP Pure Touch Only From Now On, They Said So (Early Music, 2018) abounds with melancholic vocals and reverbing string effect. 
Her invasive, at times brutal guitar improvisation and ghostly voice reach far to the outer, suggestively haunted space. 

Jon Collin

With his LPs The Nature and Water and Rock Music Volume I and II (Early Music, 2017,2018),  Swedish instrumentalist Jon Collin made a gesture towards the environment as a fellow composer. Rejecting the idea of forced and false silence, he invites onomatopoeic and anthropogenic sounds and occasional noises, to participate in music making.  

With his calm, focused appearance, he engages in a deep exchange with the bass guitar with all the respect towards the most delicate qualities of the instrument. Extended impro tunes merge with the unexpected qualities of the sound.  Devoid of any theatricality, his music embraces reality as it comes. 

IJF (dj)

Ijf Boullet a.k.a. Sir Lobster is a Ghent-based DJ bringing on eclectic mix of rare grooves and broken beats from his wild record collection.