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Kraak Festival 2011

Call Back The Giants (UK), Iasos (US), France (FR), Bridget Hayden (UK), Catherine Christer Hennix (US), Floris Vanhoof (BE), Bryce Beverlin II (US), Mother Of Fire (US), Thomas Bloch (FR), The Beautiful Band (BE), Arthur Doyle (US) & Steve Noble (Uk), Twinsistermoon (FR)
Sat. 05 March 2011
Netwerk / Centre for Contemporary Art, Aalst
doors: 15:00
ticket: vvk 20  add 25 

Call Back The Giants

Tim Goss was the keyboard player of The Shadow Ring, an influential underground band from the 90s. He then emerged as a solo artist in 2010 with a few limited releases full of surprising home studio synth experiments and traditional folk. After a few s


Now that New Age is taking its second breath, the pioneers of the genre are re-emerging to the surface. The Californian, Iasos, was not only one of the founders of the inter-dimensional heavenly music, he drove it to the utmost of style. Currently, he


France is a young, unknown band from France with hurdy-gurdy, drums and bass guitar that produce an energetic performance that is reminiscent of the early collaborations between Faust and Tony Conrad. Recycled creative influences result here for a show

Bridget Hayden

Bridget Hayden wrote history as a violinist with Vibracathedral Orchestra, the mother of the European avant-garde drone rock from the early twenty-first century. In 2004 she left the band to focus on her own work, which alongside that of intense drone

Catherine Christer Hennix

The Berlin resident composer(e) Hennix is still a closely guarded secret close to home. In the '60s she began studying music with great attention to Xenakis and Stockhausen. Later she met illustrious figures as La Monte Young, Pandit Pran Nath and Henr

Floris Vanhoof

Bryce Beverlin II

Bryce Beverlin is a remarkable figure in the Minneapolis artistic scene. While finishing his doctorate in physics, he remains active as a dancer, hardcore drummer, plant engineer and rapper. Nevertheless, he’s mainly known for his free solo improvisati

Mother Of Fire

Violin / drum / bass trio that have built up a strong live reputation in their short existence. The group sounds like a fusion of contemporary heavy grooving krautrock and dark rock music from the 80s. In 2010 they debuted with an impressive album on t

Thomas Bloch

Thomas Bloch is one of the world's leading specialists in the field of strange instruments. The Ondes Martenot (an early electronic instrument that looks like a cross between a synthesizer and a theremin) and the eighteenth-century glass harmonica are

The Beautiful Band

Bram Devens (Ignatz), Paul Labreque (Sunburned Hand of the Man), el-g, Laurent Cartuyvels (ROT) and Patrick Calvelo (Coem) created this Belgian super-group for their interests in channeling AOR. The result is a sloppy version of Crazy Horse and CCR tha

Arthur Doyle & Steve Noble

The earliest album featuring Arthur Doyle was The Black Ark by Noah Howard when he played alongside such others as Norris Jones and Muhhamad Ali. In 1978 he made his debut as a bandleader, but it was not until the late '90s that he really came