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KRAAK festival 2018

Miaux (BE), Felicia Atkinson (FR), Apulati Bien (FR), Ka Baird (US), Leila Bordreuil (FR), Sandra Boss (DK), Peter Burr (US), Liz Durette (cancelled), Capelo (BE), David Edren (BE), Jung An Tagen (AT), Lemones (BE), Osilasi (FR), Paradon’t (DE), Pinkie Bowtie (BE/NL), Red Brut (NL), SEF III (US), Still House Plants (UK), Transport  (DE), Zarabatana (PT), Peter Zummo (US), DJs Entr'acte & Risiko Press (UK/BE), DJS Hnos. González (VE/BE), Record Fair
Fri. 02 March — Sun. 04 March 2018
Beursschouwburg, Brussel
doors: 15:00
ticket: Fr 15  Sa 30  Su 15  Combi 45 

Due to insane weather conditions, Liz Durette is stuck in Dublin and cannot make it for her concert on Sunday. Miaux will replace her.

We are very proud to announce KRAAK FESTIVAL 2018, our yearly exploration of an endless expanding universe tha


Fri 02 March 2018

Gouden Zaal / Café
19:00 Doors
20:00 Opening by Pinkie Bowtie
20:10 Sandra Boss
20:45 Osilasi
21:45 Alone With The Moon (film by Peter Burr)
22:00 Ka Baird
22:45 Transport
23:45 Arcology (film by Peter Burr)
00:00 Jung An Tagen
00:45 DJS Hnos. González (café)

Sat 03 March 2018

Gouden Zaal / Café
14:30 Doors
15:00 Record Fair (café)
15:15 SEF III
16:00 Green / Red (film by Peter Burr)
16:15 Leila Bordreuil
17:15 Pattern Language (film by Peter Burr)
17:30 Red Brut
18:15 Still House Plants
19:00 Break
20:15 Zarabatana
21:00 Descent (film by Peter Burr)
21:15 Capelo
22:15 Lemones
23:15 Nematodes (film by Peter Burr)
23:30 Paradon't
00:15 Apulati Bien
01:00 DJ's Entr'acte & Risikopress (café)

Sun 04 March 2018

Gouden Zaal
15:00 Doors
15:30 David Edren
16:30 Miaux
17:30 Peter Zummo
18:30 Peter Burr & Felicia Atkinson
19:30 Closing by Pinkie Bowtie

Sandra Boss

Electronic composer and sound artist Sandra Boss reveils the sonic details in obsolete instruments and material through abstract compositions, sound installations and performances. Her work is structuralist at its core, researching the key elements of


Brussels based duo of harpist Léa Roger (Guili Guili Gulag) and drummer/singer Célia Jankowski (Vitas Guerulaitis). One can refer to a fine blend of post-velvet experimentation, spiritual free jazz, French prog folk and Malinese music, but that would e

Peter Burr

Peter Burr is an artist from Brooklyn specializing in animation and installation. A master of computer animation, with a gift for creating images and environments that hover on the boundary between abstraction and figuration, Burr has in recent years d

Ka Baird

Half of the free folk avant psych outfit Spires in the Sunset Rise, Ka Baird hovers through an brutal take on spiritual free jazz. With flute, vocals, loops and rudimentary electronica she creates on her debut album (Sapropelic Pycnic, Drag City) a swi


There is still big parts of unknown territory to be unveiled in the so-called KRAUT rock genre. Transport dedicates themselves to reviving and exploring those undiscovered realms. The collective is a free wheeling monster in Motorik Beats, psychedelic

Jung an Tagen

Vienna-based post-millennial, hardcore arpeggiator and loose avant-gardist of all things new techno. The man proved with his latest record Das Fest der Reichen (edition Mego, 2016) that there is a direct link between hardcore gabba music and t


Trio of Max Eilbacher, Alex Moskos and Duncan Moore that take the fine art of absurdist text-sound composition, electro-acoustic collages and sound synthesis into a playful field of performance, fluxus inspired poetry and confusing music. Highly recomm

Leila Bordreuil

This French, New York-based cellist improvises her way into unkown territories in the so-called dusty genre of improv and new music. She applies the cello applying as an abstract resonant body to challenge conventional cello practice. She is one of the

Red Brut

Marijn Verbiesen must be one of the forces that keeps the Rotterdam underground together, as being part of numerous projects (like Sweat Tongue and JSCA) and as organizer of the infamous Herman concert series. But she is foremost she is a highly talent

Still House Plants

Glasgow based avant-rock trio writing songs that are on the verge of collapsing, leaving a highly confusing residu of seemingly improvised drums, indie rock guitars and heart breaking blues singing. You can refer to Robert Wyatt, Ornette Coleman and El


It’s hard not to mention Zarabatana and free jazz in one sentence. But this Portugese trio of drums, upright bass and trompet hi-jack the heritage of Art Ensemble of Chicago from the institution, and bring it back to where it belongs: in a urban comple


Brussels-based synth duo, and one of the revelations of last year with an amazing single on Lexi Disques. Deeply melancholic pop tunes from a by gone era, injected with euphoric melodies and rhythms. Pop music born in and for the ever vivid Brussels un


We are the Young Professionals, we have no genitals! 

Another revelation born in the bedlam of the highly dynamic underground of Brussel. A (so-called) crap wave explosion that impersonates the best of no wave and dada performance — alt


German electronic duo hailing from the Black Forest. The duo are Don’t DJ (part of the durian brothers) and Paraklang, bothe renowed solo musicians transmutating techno in a highly graceful formal experiment infused with trance elements and polyrhythms

Apulati Bien

Youngster who is part of the infamous Outreglot collective. He creates a warped out designer-drugged world with fragments of neo-juke, splatter beats and arrythmic sampling. Apulati Bien pushes the electronic realms of equally RP Boo and Hiele further

David Edren

David Edren is the real name of the man behind the long-running and synth project DSR Lines, and his disguise to explore theme-based (non-modular) sound synthesis. Last year he released the piece Electronic Gamelan Music (Social Harmony, 2017) in which

Peter Zummo

Legendary trombonist who comes out of the underground music scene of New York in the late 70ties and 80ties. Mostly reknowed for the collaboration with Arthur Russell, his own work displays a similar naivity, openness and highly evolved conceptualism. 

Liz Durette (cancelled)


Synth queen and master of post-romantic melancholia.