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C_C (BE), Christophe Piette (BE), Embassador Dulgoon (CL), Forced Into Femininity (US), Legion Of Andromeda (JP), Lewsberg (NL), Me Donner (FR), Macromassa (ES), Maika Garnica (BE), NEW ROOT CANAL (BE), Penus (BE), Peter Michael Hamel (DE), Sam Kidel (UK), Sculpture (UK), Sofia Jernberg (SE), Urge (FR), YOR (DE), Żywizna (PL)
Sat. 02 March — Sun. 03 March 2019
Beursschouwburg, Brussel
doors: 16:00
ticket: 24 hours 35 /  Part 1 Sat 15:00-01:00 20 /  Part 2 Sun 02:00-09:00 15 /  Part 3 Sun 09:00-15:00 15 
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KRAAK festival is the annual expedition to the outer edges of new music lands and the transforming habitats of avant-garde pioneers. Led by the idea to create an extended festival experience and flip the accustomed patterns of playing and listening to


Sat 02 March 2019

Zilveren Zaal
15:30 Forced Into Femininity
16:30 Sofia Jernberg
18:00 Embassador Dulgoon
19:00 Macromassa
20:30 Zwyzna
23:00 Penus
14:00-19:00 Record label fair
22:00 Lewsberg
23:00 DJ Cosmo Knex
Gouden Zaal
17:30, 20:00, 00:00 Experimental film screening

Sun 03 March 2019

Zilveren Zaal
02:00 C_C
03:00 Legion of Andromeda
04:00 Me Donner
5:30 YOR
6:30 Non Local Society DJs
Gouden Zaal
04:30 Sculpture

Sun 03 March 2019

Zilveren Zaal
13:00 Peter Michael Hamel
Gouden Zaal
12:00 Christophe Piette
11:00 Maika Garnica
14:00 Urge
Expo Room
11:30 Sam Kidel
Gouden Zaal Foyer
09:00-11:00 Festival Breakfast


C_C is a moniker of Brussels-based Eduardo Ribuyo. Dedicated to creation of the most delicate electronic music, C_C  departs far in the realms of saturated, responsive and dialectic composition. Rhythmic miniatures, forgotten melodies and super complex

Christophe Piette

Christophe Piette is more known for music a.o. as a member of Belgian impro-experimental band R.O.T. but has over the years beeing making super 8 movies that carry a distinctive warmth and a hypersensible registration of the world. Invited to film the

Embassador Dulgoon

Embassador Dulgoon is Chilean multiinstrumentalist Nicolas Carcavilla diving through the fantastic worlds of untamed onomatopoeic effects, atmospheric distortions and hybrid transformations of sound.
The exquisite sonic metamorphosis comes to bein

Forced Into Femininity

The energetic and unpredictable Jill Flanagan, the former member of the Chicago band Coughs, stands behind the multimedia project Forced into Femininity. Her music vocabulary is quite simple: unmerciful handling of electronics, excessi

Legion Of Andromeda

-M- and -R- took off on the extraterrestrial journey of Legion of Andromeda in 2012. Hypnotic repetition and endless minimal loops on guitar, drum machine and robotic voice have the ultimate goal to achieve altered states of mind. Cold, raw sound sugge


Lewsberg is a four piece homage to the same-named poet and writer from Rotterdam. Charming nonchalant pieces develop to their full shape flirting with indy and edgy rock tunes. Lewsberg’s explosive drums and guitar are perfectly smoothened with impress

Me Donner

Me Donner is French experimental industrial duo featuring Claire & Romain of HEADWAR. New force from Amiens, yet deeply rooted in local underground. Their party vibes carry an energetic mix of electronics, keyboards and prepared percussion, as well

Maika Garnica

Maika Garnica explores the relationship between forms and sounds, creating sculptures that are then played as instruments. Her work is multidimensional and multimedial, reflecting the genuine curiosity for relationships between objects, performers and


Macromassa is the cult Spanish experimental project, with influences reaching across new wave, impro jazz, electronic, industrial, as well as forms of music performance, theatre, video, happening, etc.  Founded by Juan Crek and Victor Nubla in 1976, th


NEW ROOT CANAL is the irresistible one man show of Rufus Mich. New age disco blast with improvised electronics and genuine vocal, New Root Canal seduces with his in-crowd performances. His music comes as a collage of  mad synth operations, sound distur


Penus are the party masters from Antwerp, a mad mix of new wave punk- rock sound. Super energised vocals and tectonic synth have an extraordinary capacity of breaking through crowds and taking over dance floors. Ecstatic and wild times for night animal

Peter Michael Hamel

Peter Michael Hamel, born in 1947 in Munich, is a musician and a composer of the impressive oeuvre and reach. Emerging from early kraut scene, his musical itineraries have been departing through free jazz, musique concrete, electronics, and intersectin


Sculpture is the audio-visual project of electronic music producer Dan Hayhurst and visual artist Reuben Sutherland. Existing in spaces in-between modern techno, pop, comics and video art, they create disorienting, hypnotic pieces with a discreet charm

Sam Kidel

The work of the music producer Sam Kidel questions the relationship of music and capitalism, referring largely to the concept of muzak, a systematic production of music in workspaces to enhance the preferred patterns of behaviour. Kidel twists and spin


Urge is a post-jazz trio from Caen, France. Their multidimensional free-form sound emerges from the conversations on saxophone, guitar and drums. Abundance of improvisation and exploration of instruments’ microtonality build up the recognisable directi

Sofia Jernberg

Sofia Jernberg is an experimental vocal performer and composer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her techniques include, among others, distorted, pitchless and multiple pitch singing. Inclined to improvisation, she reveals the impressive range of possibiliti


YOR is the new no-wave force from Leipzig. Nataly, Susanne and Tony perform the myriad of ever-different sounding tunes on keyboards, drums, bass guitar and voice, as well as anything else that comes to their hands. Impulsive and intuitive tunes are ov


Żywizna is the project of re-interpretation of Kurpian folk songs by the guitarist Raphael Rogiński and the vocalist Genowefa Lenarcik. In an experimental collage, Żywizna (in Kurpian nature) is nourishing the rich cultural and natural heritag

DJ Cosmo Knex

Cosmo Knex is a DJ project of Antwerp based Johann Kauth. Known for his blend of most diverse musical influences, Cosmo Knex creates disco electronics at outer planetary edges and dance parties for yet undiscovered worlds. He is a host at Destination E

Spatialised latency (inbetwwen the acts), short experimental selection by Nathalie Papillon

With films by: Ieva Balode, Antonin De Bemels, Johannes Gierlinger, Khristine Gillard, Hal Hartley, Peter Kutin, Florian Kindlinger , Laura Kraning and Herwig Weisser.

This experimental film selection consists various emergent directors and soun

Nonlocal society DJs

Nonlocal Society is a temporary autonomous space cultivating a spontaneous and intuitive coexistance. Their DJ set is an array of experimental madness and psychedelic vibrations by the group of DIY music masterminds.