Sat. 30 April 2022
LaVallée Rue Adolphe Lavallée, 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean Brussels
Doors at 18:00


Foodman (JP), Frank Hurricane (US), Lise Barkas (FR), Marc Matter (DE), Nonna Rina (BE), Frère Tuck (dj set), Personal Music Assistants (dj set)

Call it a belated housewarming shindig: KRAAK's first happening at the new LaVallée Brussels HQ is an afternoon hang that will trickle into the undetermined nite

  choose your price!! either: 
10 EUR   or 
15 EUR   :) 


Sat. 30 April 2022
LaVallée, 39 rue Adolphe Lavallée, 1080 Brussels

18:00DOORS/Frère Tuck DJ
19:00Lise Barkas
19:45Marc Matter
20:30Frank Hurricane
21:30Nonna Rina
23:30Personal Music Assistants


The juke icon from Nagoya in the flesh ~ Takahide Higuchi, aka Foodman, hurls up a blend of sound bits and bites for rhythmic venturings that are tranquil, unpredictable, and totally addictive. As seen on the likes of Hyperdub and Orange Milk, tunes of shimmery buoyancy that blow through like spring, as unique as them petals in the wind.

Frank Hurricane

Holy times ahead! The raw poetix brought on by the roaming force that is Frank Hurricane are unparalleled and can take any which psychedelic road he chooses. Stories told and lived, set free through pymp rhymes and mystical blues that were canonized at that epic KRAAK Fest 2017 performance. Life IS spiritual folks, and we’re here for it.

Lise Barkas

French multi-instrumentalist Lise Barkas plays in many configurations both known and obscure, rolling with outfits like Heimat, L'Ecluse, Trille(s) and the Dreieck Interferences Ensemble. Solo, she creates portals to new ancient worlds through the orphic drones of her bagpipes and hurdy gurdy. Whatever she will bring to the day’s courtyards will kick off the jams in high spirits.

Marc Matter

The doctor of all doctors, composer, researcher, author, PROFESSOR, curator and downright innovator in the speech-techno field, Herr Marc Matter will be joining the Brussels spheres that have so missed him to present his latest outing, Could Change, out now on the most venerable Futura Resistenza label. An Alvin Lucier-inflected foray into the minutiae of imagined rhythms, Could Change is an experience that, as noted on the liner notes, establishes how little audio material is needed for your brain to start turning things into things. Sit down, listen up, and find out.

Nonna Rina

Fearless pop of undefined melodrama and definite dreaminess is what Brussels-based Nonna Rina deals with. A staple of the NGHE Médiathèque circles and also part of the Charlène Darling group, Nonna Rina’s Italo-French connections beam out of lovingly composed and staunchly lo-fi hymns that are very much bedroom songs and very much deserve to go far beyond.

Frère Tuck (dj set)

Strange percussion, bent sounds and wandering winds from the treetops of Saint Josse!

Personal Music Assistants (dj set)

The boys that need no introduction, for they’ll be doing it themselves well into the nite!!!