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KRAAK showcase at Meakusma 2019

Floris Vanhoof (BE), Het Interstedelijk Harmoniumverbond (BE), Köhn (BE)
Fri. 06 September — Mon. 09 September 2019
Kulturzentrum Alter Schlachthof , 4700 Eupen
doors: 18:00
ticket: 32 – 79 
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From September 6 to 8, for the fourth time in a row, Meakusma Festival returns to the Belgian town of Eupen. We are delighted to present three KRAAK acts playing this year, as announced with the first bulk of names. 
Focusing on experimental and club music alike, and fluorishing an intimate atmosphere and a carefully curated lineup, the festival has over years achieved a high reputation and a devoted community of off-stream music makers and enthusiasts. 

Floris Vanhoof

Floris Vanhoof is an electronic musician and experimental cineast whose oeuvre is strongly influenced by American minimalism (think of renowned composers such as Terry Riley, La Monte Young, Tony Conrad, Philip Glass, Laurie Spiegel, Pauline Oliveros, etc …) and by a contemporary experimental underground tradition. His music combines modular synthesis with concrete sounds – so called found sound, analogous to objets trouvés in visual art. His film work, with manipulated 16mm film and interfering in the chemical processes of the actual film development, is experimental in the literal sense of the word. The core of Vanhoof’s oeuvre is constructed around the idea of synethesia: visual ideas and concepts are transposed to music and vice versa, in order to achieve the aesthetic experience of the whole. His new release (LP and photobook) 'The Fluid Computer' is out on KRAAK early May 2019.

Het Interstedelijk Harmoniumverbond

The untranslatable ‘Het Interstedelijk Harmoniumverbond’is a collaboration of four striving forces within the Belgian avant-garde scene: Hellvete, DSR Lines, Edgar Wappenhalter and Ameel Brecht.  As their name suggests, each of them resides in one of the Flemish province capital cities (Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp and Bruges), they all play harmonium and share the genuine interest for temporality in music. Initiated from Steenkiste’s idea to expand the solo harmonium of Hellvete into a more dialectic and immersive format, this new league had its premiere on Eastern Daze V festival in November 2018. The self-titled 'Het Interstedelijk Harmoniumverbond' LP has been released end March 2019 on KRAAK, along with a LP launch at STUK, house for dance, image and sound in Leuven.


Köhn is somewhat a hidden gem in Belgian underground music. He debuted 20 years ago with the essential record KÖHN 1 on KRAAK and has been pushing the borders of experimental electronic music ever since. In 2017 he released his 7th album — Kreis Plön (KRAAK) — that documents 20 years of vitalist and joyful research. The album mingles past and future, deconstruction and construction, mourning and joy, noise and peace. It shows a master, who easily merges glitch, idm, shoe gaze, hypnagogic pop, improv, synth music, field recordings and kraut muzik into a new standard for electronic music. KÖHN 1 is getting reissued by the Belgian record label Cortizona in spring 2019.