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KRAAK x Swallowing Helmets Dual Release Nite

KRAMP, Martirio, Red Brut, Weird Bitch
Thu. 13 August 2020
doors: 18:00
ticket: vvk   add  

The long-awaited celebration of confinement era releases on the realest beach in the city: we finally get to present KRAMP and his Nervous Rattles, as our buddies from Swallowing Helmets also honor their latest Scanty Canteen Music 4-way 12" via the el


Two months after its release, KRAMP's debut album Nervous Rattles finally gets some physical props: Stijn Wybouw summons his crimson doppleganger to unleash waves of ancestral rhythms and loops digested by dusty tape entrails and channeled through the


Two of the Brussels scene's most feared PA terrorizers join forces in an unholy matrimony that Satanas himself would disown. Ernesto Bear Bones and David Clébard channel some mean darkness through warped synth exertions and unflinching beats that writh

Red Brut

Rotterdam's finest collagist has just come out with a new stunner: Red Brut's Cloaked Travels LP has been a source of wonder and solace during this eternal hole-up. The sounds emanating from Marijn Verbiesen's cosmoses subtly but confidently hop betwee

Weird Bitch

First Belgian show by star-crossed banshees: Weird Bitch is one half of Guttersnipe and a full Slaylor Moon whose sound witchery expels pulsating waves of ominous electronix, sprinkled here and there with spastic flourishes of twisted dance ciphers and