Thu. 11 January 2024
B.A. check the clues for address/email if you give up Brussels
Doors at 19:45


Bear Bones, Lay Low ~ Monopoly Child Star Searchers ~ MSHR ~ DJ Aurora D'Este

Our yearly opener at Brussels' least secret secret location in Anderlecht (you know, the one brewery with a namesake Titan). KRAAK’s Nieuwjaar’s Fête will be ushering in a new year in musical mischief, doubling as the release show for Bear Bones, Lay Low's Ideas Flotantes, in the realest company of Monopoly Child Star Searchers' cosmic trickstery, MSHR's morphing systems and DJ Aurora D'Este's tune selection for new moon howlings. Load up on thermal clothes and warm vibes, we'll do the rest ❤️‍🔥

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Thu. 11 January 2024
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19:45Doors + DJ Aurora D'Este
20:15Bear Bones, Lay Low
22:15Monopoly Child Star Searchers
23:00DJ Aurora D'Este

Bear Bones, Lay Low

Presenting a freshly released, solemn trip to ungraspable truths and unspeakable vistas; take us there


Light eats all, all eats light; a fizzy interplay between the electromagnetic spectrum and racks upon racks of silicon trespassing

Monopoly Child Star Searchers

One-man research center for all-encompassing rhythm, global love and gentle crowd-levitation.

DJ Aurora D'Este

Tracks for interplanetary transcendence