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kraut / improv

Embryo (DE), r.o.t. (BE), Sheldon Siegel (BE)
Sat. 16 January 2010
Netwerk / Centre for Contemporary Art, Aalst
doors: 21:30


You might still remember the far-out show of EMBRYO on the Sloowjob festival in March. Main band member Christian Burchard called sick last minute then, but still the rest of the band came over for an amazing show with Mik Quantius taking over command.


R.O.T. is the electro-acoustic Belgian all star improv band consisting of Laurent Cartuyvels (Veglia), Floris Vanhoof, Christophe Piette and Bram Borloo (Parktldog). Meandering free music with elements of noise, musique concrète and contemporary experi

Sheldon Siegel

SHELDON SIEGEL stole their band name from an American legal drama novelist and are waiting for their first lawsuit. Belgian free jazz history in the making.