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Kreis Plön LP presentation

Köhn (BE), Rashad Becker (DE), Yann Leguay (FR), Vlek DJs (BE)
Fri. 09 June 2017
Recylart, Brussels
doors: 22:30

A triple bill of current electronica’s grandmasters, honoring the 20th birthday of Köhn with a new record.


Almost 20 years ago Jürgen De Blonde debuted on KRAAK with the nowadays unfindable and almost visionary album köhn 1. It was the starting point for a vital and wondrous exploration that lead him over paths of glitch, idm, shoe gaze, hypnagogic

Rashad Becker

Check your record collection and say it is not true: one third of all the techno and avant-garde LP’s of the last ten years was cut by Rashad Becker. In 2013 the master cutter surprized with his album Traditional Music of Notional Species vol. I (PAN r

Yann Leguay

Yann Leguay is a Brussels-based French Artist. His approach to sound design for installation, performance and film centers on the materiality of sound. By modifying the reality of the material (as sounds or real objects) he affects the