Thu. 08 December 2022
Doors at 19:30


Ameel Brecht (BE), Giulia Vismara (BE), Ludwig Wittbrodt (DE)

A second edition of the KROG symbiot to end the year! This time: sonic explorations going deep into space and spaces, transporting string picking conducive to snot tears with his latest album, and proof that cello & laptop are very much capable of being implements of joy and transcendence.

pay what thou wilt   7 - 10 - 12 EUR 


20:30Giulia Vismara
21:30Ameel Brecht
22:30Ludwig Wittbrodt

Giulia Vismara

Brussels-based and Italian electroacoustic composer ~ laptop and breath for space dwelling, in all its natural, architectural and dare we say spiritual forms

Ameel Brecht

One part of Razen, deep KRAAK fam ~ guitars, mandolins, violones and whatever stringed or non-stringed tool of elegant collapse

Ludwig Wittbrodt

Duo of Emily Wittbrodt & Edis Ludwig from the neighboring German regions ~ cello, laptop, unpredictable swervings and unequivocal bliss.