Sat. 19 November 2022
Doors at 16:00


Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh (IE), Fantôme Josépha (FR), Hipólito (DE), Territorial Gobbing (UK), T.u.B (DE), Umarell & Zdaura (BE), Weird Dust (BE)

The KRUT ethermobile comes back to physical form, this time in Ghent's medieval horizons amongst friends at De Koer. A digital subsidiary of KRAAK, KRUT has now taken a life of its own, spawning more than 50 digital EPs by artists from near and far and from all musical corners. This year, the digisibling expands its fest just a tad, bringing swirling viola drones, noisehead warblings, poetic soundscapes, disaffected post-post punk, dreamy vibrational chimings, goth pop anthems, all for the prickling of adventurous eardrums.

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Sat. 19 November 2022
De Koer, Meibloemstraat 86, 9000 Gent

19:00Fantôme Josepha
20:30Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh
21:30Territorial Gobbing
22:30Umarell & Zdaura
23:00Weird Dust DJ set

Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh

KRUT KR038 - The Rounds

The viola gets amplified in its pursuit of heightened registers. Dublin's Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh, a camarade of Cian Nugent via Cosmoses and Woven Skulls, deftly mixes sensibilities redolent of classical druidry and modern Conradian architectures into her own radical sonic language. Intuitive jams drenched in the aura of mysteries immortal, for artefacts immaterial.

Fantôme Josepha


A compendium of croaking ballads and macabre flirtations: in DRAMARAMA, Fantôme Josepha take their dark fixations into the wayward passages of groovy pyschedelia and goth exotica. Mr Marcaille and his Josepha ghost do their haunting thing, and it's a serious trip.


KRUT KR43 - Wind Ornaments

One third of Spuk Disk from KRAAK Fest 21’s closing festivities and sometimes known as Tulips, Hipólito’s musical interest span genres and sounds so varied they could come from an alternate reality. The namesake wind ornaments do the dreamy job of decorating space and time, but who knows what - or whom - he’ll bring to this KRUT festje.

Territorial Gobbing

KRUT KR13 - 6 Solos for Voice and Virtual Synth
“One take, no overdubbed vocal improvisation with vcv rack whirr through a broken Marshall amp” from the most prolific noisier to carry the torch in the Leeds scene, with a KRUT that is but a scratch on an ever-foaming surface.


KRUT KR016 - That’s the Law in this Land After All

Excavations into everyday soundscapes, mundanely poetic and poetically mundane. Nataly Hulikova, one third of YOR, will open that gate.

Umarell & Zdaura

KRUT KR055 - Aux Morts A l’Aise, Dada !

Rhythmic janglings, unintelligible ramblings, and pacing so unpredictable it's almost punishment to dance move ambitions. Because dance you will, to the deconstructed post-post punk of Umarell & Zdaura's high energy antijams. Bass and drums and nothing else ~ from abrupt beginning to abrupt end, you won't know what hit you.

Weird Dust

A DJ hybrid set by the grooviest man on the far side of the weird dust spectrum and another third of Spuk Disk. KRUTs might still be up his tasteful sleeve.