Sun. 08 August 2021
Onder Stroom
Tavernierkaai 11, 2000 Antwerpen
Doors at 03:00


Drywud (FR), Horacio Pollard (DE), Jazzoux (FR), Radio Hito (BE), YOR (DE), Zoot Ruf Ski (BE)

The first-ever festival for KRAAK's etherized sublabel KRUT:::::A small pick from an ever-growing crop of digital finds, now in the flesh for a long afternoon on the Antwerpian riverside. Psychotic hip hop ramblings, side-winding punkwave, twisted metal electronix and evocative piano melodies to bring tears to your eyes ~ the younger sibling finally gets its turn.

Another dream collaboration with Het Bos, as part of their summer Strobo residence with the Onder Stroom chillaxness.

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“Pages fly and foreheads drip as the man gives strange new inflections to the forms and formulas of rap and all that comes with.”

KRUT: KR003 Aftelrimpje, Warabe​-​Uta, Canción infantil, Abzählvers

Horacio Pollard

“A sly lurker of the underground circles regurgitating noise offshoots since 2002 and wielding a barrage of explosive sound artefacts for a head bangin’/mind blowin’ daze.”



One half Somaticae and one half Terrine equals a full-blooded beast of dark conjurings, skidding and pounding away into a whooshing shrubbery of lightning crisp textures.


Radio Hito

“A myrmidon of melodrama in a world of exquisite introspection, of shimmering inquisitiveness.”
KRUT: KR014 Homespun


“Frenzied catharses after spending way too much time doing car donuts in the Netto parking lot. Bangers for headbangers.”
KRUT: KR017 Take Care

Zoot Ruf Ski

The one and only fly Root Canal this side of the Schelde, popping tunes and cranking up the style cred at least seven notches.

KRUT: ?!