Sun. 05 December 2010
Netwerk / Centre for Contemporary Art Aalst
Doors at 16:00

MANOEUVERS, Muziek uit de kosmos

Jonas Reinhardt (US), Rene Hell (US), Elfenbeinturms Tropical Beach Party Band (DE), Stellar Om Source (FR/NL), Innercity (BE), Bear Bones, Lay Low (BE/VZ)

MANEUVERS, music of the cosmos fills a dark December Sunday with a selection of neo-cosmologists. This new generation of musicians projects the legacy of the Kosmische Musik through an old lens and creates a new vision of synthesizer music. Hot music from a past-future.

Jonas Reinhardt

The illustrious JONAS REINHARDT mixes motorik beats, analog sound synthesis and atmospheric pulses together in a space trip for the third eye. One could, with a good dose of imagination, call it “a spiritual dialogue between man and machine”. The untitled debut appeared in several year-end lists. During the festival he shall present his new album Powers of Audition, with a full band.

Rene Hell

Abstractionist RENE HELL: inspired by the Kosmische Musik of Harmonia, Can and Klaus Schulze, uses his analog synthesizers, samplers, tape decks to conjures up a boiling bath of bubbling ambient, resulting in the perfect soundtrack for Sci-fi from a forgotten future. (One critic even called it hypnag ... but we still don’t dare to use this word.)

Stellar Om Source

STELLAR OM SOURCE is Christelle Gualdi. Keeper of the new Big Secrets, age of Aquarius musician and translater of deep space. Replaces Jonathan Fitoussi who had to cancel for personal reasons.


INNERCITY is the Antwerp Hans Dens, a self-proclaimed anti-musician. With tape loops and broken synths, he makes lo-fi new age that brings hallucinogenic hope for the Apocalypse. This year he released his debut LP Future Life on the Belgian Aguirre Records label.

Bear Bones, Lay Low

The Venezuelan Ernesto Gonzalez, a.k.a. BEAR BONES, LAY LOW, was once the young poulain of the Belgian DIY noise scene. His street wise lifestyle and the influence of bad friends (Sylvester Anfang II) led to last year’s highly praised LP Vallée de Dith: no blaring noise, but a lucid blend of cosmic kraut and South American prog rock. Currently this youngster is now working on a mix of Suicide-inspired outsider improv and early electronics. 

ElfenBeinturms Tropical Beach Party Band

ELFENBEINTURM is German for “Ivory Tower”, but also the pseudonym of Pascal Hector, a German astronaut whose glossy 1980’s Star Trek design and an unhealthy lifestyle links to naive analog synth pulses. Expect MacGyver on an analog synth and feel free to check his band Datashock, his label Meudiademorte and if you have too much time perhaps his Pizza Party Productions. For this occasion the dude is playing with his friend Jens Pauly (Temple of the Beeheads) as Elfenbeinturm’s Tropical Beach Party Band.