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Nieuwjaar's Fête

Linus Vandewolken (BE), Charlène Darling (FR), DJ Mogi (BE)
Sun. 12 January 2020
Pleasure Island, Oostende
doors: 17:00
ticket: add

As in all the years before this one, we’re pleased to host a gathering to greet the new year (and new decade), this time on the coast! A cozy afternoon in the aptly-named Pleasure Island to drink and zone out and make a few merry memories ahead of anot

Linus Vandewolken

Rustic hebergeur and hommel-wielding troubadour Linus Vandewolke - sometimes known as McCloud Zicmuse - emerges from his guild in the woods of olde Schaerbeek to riff on medieval chords before present-day ears. His album Het vlier, een hommel op aa

Charlène Darling

With her first album Saint Guidon affecting and enchanting in equal measure, Rose Mercie/Ligne Claire member and eternal autodidact Charlène Darling will present a solo performance during our seaside adventure. Guitar quirks and lo-fi charm ar