Sat. 16 February 2019
Brasserie Atlas Brussels
Doors at 21:00

No Time For Winter Blues

Loius Schild (CH), Sebastiano Carghini (IT), Yader (IT/BE/VE), DJ Apulati Bien (FR)

A warmup show for the KRAAK festival 2019 with Outreglot, En Silence and a bunch of rocking avant-garders.



Sat. 16 February 2019
Brasserie Atlas, Rue du Libre Examen 15, Brussels

21:00Sebastiano Carghini
22:00Louis Schild
inbetween and afterDJ Apulati Bien & Friends

Louis Schild

Louis Schild is a Swiss bass player operating in the range of  impro-, experimental and free jazz. His durational sounds create expanding acoustic noise and trigger ambiguous tonalities of the instrument. Schild has performed and recorded with a number of musicians, among which Jacques Demierre, Andrea Parkins, Flo Stoffner, Christian Weber and Christine Abdelnour, as well as with Antoine Läng, David Meier, and Raphaël Ortis as Léon. 
The solo music of Schild manifests in dialectics and active appropriation of space and time.  He is interested in exploration of and reaching towards other forms, so far poetry, architecture, performance..

Sebastiano Carghini

Sebastiano Carghini earned reputation with his distinctive handling of modular synth. Expansive micro acoustics is sporadicly opening for tape loops and recordings of physical objects. The impressive use of repetition in the Carghini's work carries the potential for continuous transformation and the emancipation of sound from its source. Carghini has been working with installation, further exploring the materiality of generated sound and interactions happening in space. He lives in Italy and has recently put out a new tape 'Habituated by Reason' by Dinzu Artefacts.


Ernesto González (Bear Bones, Lay Low), David Vanzan & Virginia Genta (Jooklo Duo) join forces as underground blast YADER. Spaceout pongs and restless beeps turn and toss around vibrant psychodelic figures landing peacefully into the soft meditative ground. Becoming and getting lost somewhere inbetween floating layers of free jazz and distorted neofolk, YADER has been sailing into the adventurous waters of the new impro scene.

DJ Apulati Bien & Friends

Apulati Bien is the moniker of Baptiste Outreglot from the infamous Outreglot collective. To heat up the pre-KRAAK festival mood, he will be spinning some brutal beats from his record collection, with flavours of Intelligent Dance Music, Trap and 2000 experimental madness. Plus some bad metal and French rap, maybe.