Sun. 19 June 2011
Sint-Lucas Ghent
Doors at 21:00

Ondergrond #12

Meurtr Temple Solaire (FR), Forced Collapse (US), Vom Grill (BE), TG Gondard (FR), Super Reverb (UK/BE)

Trance-doom/eai noise/contact mics/rave


Meurtre Temple Solaire

Deconstructed doom metal with traditional Indian influences. With Matthieu Tilly of France fame.

Forced Collapse

eai/improvised noise duo of Liz Albee and Chris Riggs

Vom Grill

Dennis Tyfus chewing contact mics

TG Gondard

Sexy live dance music with touches of Rn’B and Techno. Like a living room style Faithless.

Super Reverb

Country punk folk drone boogie noise lunacy