Sat. 26 May 2018
Doors at 22:00

Red Brut LP Launch

Red Brut (NL), Crys Cole & Oren Ambarchi (CA/AU)

KRAAK celebrates the debut LP of Red Brut — Marijn Verbiesen’s (Sweat Tongue, JSCA) solo outlet. Special guests: Crys Cole in duo with Oren Ambarchi, both vanguards of the trans-global off-stream music scene. Prepare yourself for two special acts that take brutalist musique concrète and sensuous tape collage to a next level.

Uitpas   1,6 

Red Brut

Red Brut is the moniker of Marijn Verbiesen (part of Sweat Tongue and JSCA). As Red Brut she is isolated, displaying a highly talented ear for day-to-day sounds, musique concrète composition and spontaneous sound collage. At De Koer She presents her debut LP, a self-titled album that documents a wide array of obscured emotions, unveiling the inner soul of a highly talented and unique voice in avant-garde tape music.

Crys Cole & Oren Ambarchi

One of last year’s highlights was Crys Cole and Oren Ambarchi’s collaborative release Hotel Record. It celebrates the hazy state of being involved in a trans-global musical romantic narrative, not unlike the impressionist European art movies that emerged in a post-WW II era. The duo’s sound is a symbiose of soft sinus waves, unreal voices and subtile field recording. Both live and on record, Cole & Ambarchi frame touchingly intimate themes in a surreally unique, aleatoric sound world, just as you’d be warranted to expect from this pair of esteemed sonic alchemists. Their music is overtly poetic, and could be an encrypted document of phone sex or pillow talk — or something entirely else, all depending your disposition.