Sat. 12 September 2020
Doors at 13:00

Sound Sorcery Expanded

Vica Pacheco (MX/BE), Eve Aboulkheir (FR), Lamina (FR), Roméo Poirier (BE), Bear Bones, Lay Low (VE/BE), Gem&I DJ set

A happily accidental fest to celebrate Vica Pacheco's release with the extended fam, with a Sound Sorceress live reunion and some soul brothers crashin through for a long and hopefully mostly dry day at the park. In collaboration with Divagation!

++++++++ It's in everyone's best interest to adhere to the current measures and whatnot. Namely: bring yer masks and stay in yer bubbles (for sure don't create a gigantic one). Nobody wants to do no policing and we're all big people, it won't be that hard to have ourselves a sweet time among the coronavibes - it's a big park after all +++++++


Sat. 12 September 2020
Microb', Tour & Taxis Park, Avenue du Port 86C, 1000 Bruxelles

13:00Gem&I dj set
14:00Roméo Poirier
16:00Eve Aboulkheir
17:00Vica Pacheco
18:00Bear Bones, Lay Low

Vica Pacheco

We finally get to do a family gathering around her stunning debut Symplegmata! Vocals and nature manipulated into sounds from beyond, as good as the best tamalito imaginable

Eve Aboulkheir

Visual & sound artist Eve Aboulkheir often fuses her pyrokinetic powers with frozen elements to create alchemical sound installations ~ let's see what she cooks up this time


Clarice Calvo-Pinsolle's musical alias for making some serious sound witchery. Beware the bruja and her wicked beats

Roméo Poirier

Boy making the rounds/living in the buzz with his mean intricate ambient, for closing your eyes and seeing watery scenery dance afloat

Bear Bones, Lay Low

New to the bucket hat scene but not to any other scene whatsoever, introductions need hardly be made: you know the beats, the bells, the trip ~ he might be getting old, but the sounds never do

Gem&i (DJ set)

Atmospheres built on atmospheres built on the moods of new moons