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The Fluid Computer expo opening and LP launch

Floris Vanhoof (BE)
Thu. 23 May 2019
School of Arts — Zwarte Zaal, Ghent
doors: 20:30

KASK School of Arts, KASKcinema and KRAAK present the 'The Fluid Computer' expo by Floris Vanhoof, featuring three installations and two events and celebrating a new release
'The Fluid Computer', 'Polyhedra' and 'Talking Gongs' will be on display


Thu 23 May 2019

Zwarte Zaal, Glazen Gang, garden, KASK School of Arts, Ghent, Louis Pasteurlaan 2, Ghent
19:00 expo opening and LP presentation
20:00 performance by Floris Vanhoof
20:30 performance of 'Vespers'

Floris Vanhoof

Floris Vanhoof combines homemade musical circuits with abandoned projection technologies for audiovisual installations, expanded cinema performances and music releases. Experimenting with cross-medium translation and compatibility, he questions our vie

Alvin Lucier

Alvin Lucier is a pioneering American composer, writer and visual artist. He might be best known for his avant-garde exploration of sonic environments and the use of performer's physical gestures and neural impulses. The significant part of his longsta