Sat. 04 November 2017
Doors at 16:00

The Gathering of Trans-Medial Publishers

Nuslux (FI), Olli Aarni (FI), Opéra Mort (FR), Nyoukis / Verbiesen (UK/NL), Miaux (BE), Sourdure (FR), Astor (AU), Jacques Beloeil (FR), Ōgon Batto (BE), Céline Gillain (BE), DJ Risiko Press (BE), DJs Sasha & Tobias (UK/BE)

The Gathering of Trans-Medial Publishers celebrates imagination, as being a crossbreed between dada performance, gesamtkunstwerk and record fair. Once the definition of a release was restrained by its physical nature — as LP, CD or tape. Nowadays the definition of a sound carrier has been endless times rethought in form, content and object. Music labels release books or virtual records, publishers release LP’s and mixtapes, or transcribed compositions, labels become concert organizers and vice versa. This mini festival will show ‘the label’ in all its disguises.


Roope Eronen from Helsinki, runs the label Lal Lal Lal.

Olli Aarni

from Vantaa Finland, just released a great feedback based album on Ikuisuus & Lal Lal Lal. Olli is also a pro skater.

Opéra Mort

French duo consisting of Èlg + Fusiller. They released the album ‘Film Works’ on BAADM early september.

Nyoukis / Verbiesen

Dylan Nyoukis (Blood Stereo) and Marijn Verbiesen (Red Brut, Sweat Tongue) play as a duo.


Mia Prce’s solo keyboard melodies, released two lp’s on Ultra Eczema.


Ernest Bergez from Clermont-Ferrand /Lyon. Part of Kaumwald.


Mark Harwood currently resides in London and runs Penultimate Press.

Jacques Beloeil

Record Masterer for a living and releases his casio sk1 driven music on labels like Entr’acte.

Ōgon Batto

Runs the Hare Akedod label and is releasing his debut lp soon on Aguirre Records.

Céline Gillain

Céline is part of ‘The After Lucy Experiment’ and has a record out on Lexi Disques.