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Karen Constance (UK), Nataly Hulikova (DE), Elisabeth Klinck (BE), Lamina (FR), Marc Matter (CH), Maggi Payne (US), Lucy Railton (UK), Simon Van Honacker (BE)
Fri. 26 March 2021
Radio Panik, ONLINE
doors: 12:00
ticket: vvk   add  

Airwave takeovers in the real and unreal company of some of the finest sound artists these KRAAK heads could summon for an extended show at Radio Panik. Speech techno, bird clatter, village fair humming, arctic wind whooshes and who knows what other so

Karen Constance

In the words of her Blood Stereomate and partner in heavy domestic crimes Dylan Nyoukis: "Karen's sounds are true aural ugsters for people who like their 'music' really broken. Joyous, hysterical, fucked up, primitive, drunken and just plain 'out'. It

Nataly Hulikova

One third of YOR and a full T.u.B, Nataly Hulikova incorporates mundane wanderings and stray thoughts into quizzical soundscapes that can result in poetically sparse meditations and/or experiments in new/old pop/rock canons. A weirdo terrain mined with

Elisabeth Klinck

Elisabeth Klinck uses the violin as her compass and confidante as she moves through the different techniques that inform her practice. Currently a student of Live Electronics at the Conservatory of Brussels, Klinck is one of the co-founders of Nemø Ens


Lamina is the alias of Clarice Calvo-Pinsolle, a Villa Arson graduate and established sound sorceress out of the French Basque country. With an artistic practice that marries the material to the ethereal, Lamina's interest in time and memory has a dire

Marc Matter

Composer, researcher, author, resident DJ/curator at Düsseldorf's Salon des Amateurs, and founding member of the Institut für Feinmotorik collective and the now-defunct trio The Durian Brothers, Marc Matter's interest in sound curio has made paved him

Maggi Payne

Living legend Maggi Payne uses synthesizers and altered sounds from nature to compose deeply absorbing environments that are immersive to the point of tangibility. Her collaborations in the late eighties with video pioneer Ed Tennenbaum displayed to fu

Lucy Railton

Lucy Railton's musical universe finds its roots in classical and contemporary composition, existing within the lineage of modern instrumentalism and musique concrète and spurring off into its own unpredictable orbit. She has cut her teeth in the most r

Simon Van Honacker

Fancy fair folklore takes a Deep Listening turn, or so the young Simon Van Honacker pitched his sound practice to Lieven Martens in hopes of scoring an internship at Ediçoes CN. Not only did he land the gig, he got himself released with a cassette of I