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Uncanny Valley

Wolf Eyes (US), Extended Organ (US), Calhau! (PT), Vom Grill (BE), Airway (us/uk) Nate Young (US), John Olson (US), Human Heads (UK), Rick & Joe Potts (US), 696 Blues Band (UK), Volcano The Bear (UK), Waxy (US), Manuel Padding (NL), Expo Artforms in Nature, artist talks, LAFMS videos curated by Floris Vanhoof
Wed. 08 June — Sat. 11 June 2016
SMAK, Ghent
Vooruit, Ghent
019, Ghent
doors: 22:30


“The only way to be absolutely free is to invent your own language.” — Genesis P-Orridge

Uncanny Valley is a new festival celebrating the open marriage between underground music/


Wed 08 June 2016

20:30 Manuel Padding
21:30 Waxy
22:30 Volcano The Bear

Thu 09 June 2016

20:00 LAFMS movies
21:00 Rick & Joe Potts
22:00 696 Blues Band

Fri 10 June 2016

Vooruit — Balzaal
20:00 Human Heads
20:45 John Olson
21:30 Nate Young
22:15 Airway

Sat 11 June 2016

15:00 Artist Talks (Theaterzaal)
20:00 Vom Grill (Balzaal)
20:45 Calhau! (Balzaal)
21:15 Extended Organ (Balzaal)
22:00 David Toop & Tom Recchion (Balzaal)
23:00 Wolf Eyes (Balzaal)


It could be said that The Los Angeles Free Music Society was born from the dissillusionment of the seventies US Westcoast art scene. Consisting of a a band of artist friends, they giddily blended high art and trashy DIY-attitude with a completely uniqu


Waxy, the in the late 70s originated improv duo of Fredrik Nilsen and Joe Potts, invites the Guatemala-born free jazz cellist and singer Vetza (also member of Airway) for this performance. In the stream of quite obscure projects, Waxy is one of the mor

Volcano The Bear

The iconic band Volcano The Bear plays for the first time since long again as a trio. The band transforms the former-factory-turned-into-a-creative-hub 019, into a bleak port pub.

It is quite difficult to characterize Volcano The Bear in a coupl

Manuel Padding

The Hague-based poet, musician and performance artist Manuel Padding, aka City Hands, creates a total, dreamy universe of his own, constructed out of spoken word and tape collages, drenched in ghostly sound effects. Between 2004 and 2008, he was the ke

Expo Artforms In Nature

The LAFMS created since the beginning of the 70s with uncountable self-designed flyers, posters and records sleeves also on print an incredibly unique oeuvre that preceded the well-known DIY punk esthetics with a couple of years. 

Using the loca

Rick & Joe Potts

The Potts brothers are an essential part of the LAFMS history. Rick and Joe Potts built a crazy audio universe with the sounds of broken toys, found objects, enhanced instruments (like a pliable guitar, or an harmonium with dildo’s) and manipulated tap

696 Blues Band

696 Blues Band is the project of Crazy Jim Baljo, the guitarist of Wolf Eyes since 2013. In this solo project, he blends together minimalistic guitar ragas that are reminiscent of demented surf excursions drenched in echo and delay.

Airway (ft. Aaron Moore, Vetza, Tom Recchion, Frederik Nilsen, Paul McCarthy, Alex Stevens, Joe & Rick Potts, Wolf Eyes)

AIRWAY is the rarely live playing noise bigband of musician Joe Potts, photographer Frederik Nilsen and vocalist Vetza. For each performance they choose another line-up, and so create a unique concert experience every time. This time, Paul McCarthy, To

Nate Young

Nate Young started in the late 90s Wolf Eyes as a solo project. In the past he worked under the monikers Regression, Demons and Stare Case, but right now he mostly uses his own name. Young comes to the Uncanny Valley Festival with a toolbox full of sco

John Olson

Besides his performances with Wolf Eyes and AIRWAY, John Olson plays on friday a solo saxophone set. Olson is the inventor of the trip metal philosphy, parttime saker, parttime Wolf Eyes musician and electronica wizard whose destructive utterings mix t

Human Heads

Human Heads don’t make clean, coherent poetry. They make an amalgam of lost tropes, shapes and sounds. A distorted male voice, chopped field recordings, scarce casio melodies and drones: this duo creates psychedelic collages pur sang.

A selection of LAFMS videos curated by Floris Vanhoof

Artist in residence Floris Vanhoof shows in one of the Vooruit offices an installation and curates also a selection of videos out of the immense LAFMS archive.

Extended Organ (ft. Tom Recchion, Frederik Nilsen, Paul McCarthy, Alex Stevens, Joe Potts & David Toop)

De beruchte beeldend kunstenaar Paul McCarthy was in 2007 nog te gast in het S.M.A.K. met een waanzinnige retrospectieve van zijn oeuvre. Bijna tien jaar later keert hij terug naar Gent met Extended Organ, een supergroep met LAFMS-kernleden Fredrik Nil

Wolf Eyes

De heilige drievuldigheid John Olson, Nate Young en Jim Baljo - aka Wolf Eyes - situeert zich ergens op de dunne scheidingslijn tussen vroege industrial, absurde avant-garde electronics, freejazz freakouts en zompige garagepunk. Zij noemen het zelf gew

David Toop & Tom Recchion

Deze twee reuzen van de avant-improscene speelden eind jaren 70 één keer samen en waren razend enthousiast om tijdens Uncanny Valley hier een deel twee aan te breien.

LAFMS-lid van het eerste uur Tom Recchion maakte deel uit van ontelbaar veel b

Vom Grill

Beeldend kunstenaar Dennis Tyfus richtte met Ultra Eczema éen van de meest essentiële platenlabels voor weirdo en outsider avant-garde geluid op. Een onvermoeibare dwarsligger die naast meer dan 200 UE releases (waaronder Wolf Eyes, Daniel Padden van V