Mon. 26 September 2016
Huis 23 Brussels
Doors at 22:00

Yung Sheikhs @ Huis 23

Eric Frye (US), Jeff Witscher (US)

KRAAK’s exploration in what’s happening currently in underground music — aka the concert series Yung Sheikhs — presents a deep listening night with two contemporary electronica masters working on the fringe of abstract techno and post-millennial melancholia.

Jeff Witscher

You might know Jeff Witscher by his moniker Rene Hell. 10 years ago he popped out of the famous LA-noise scene to update Kosmiese Musik, making it suited for the post-internet generation. He impressed with records on PAN records and Type.

You can call Witscher a genuine electronic music pioneer, transcending music to an exercise in futurism. Synth arpeggios, abstract noise and ambient are forged into a beautiful, sonic abstraction that gives the ‘new wave of digital music’ a hint how it should be done. Music for people who like Object, Oneohtrix Point Never, M.E.S.H. or James Hoff.

Eric Frye

Jeff Witscher runs also his own label Salon Records, on which Eric Frye released the sparkling Some Consequences of Four Incapacities. The liner notes are saying that the record investigates new modes of perception and spatial cognition. Interesting words for mathematical beauty a.k.a. far out abstract techno, or the best post-millennial melancholia is currently offering.