OFFICE SOUNDINGS #1: Wormhole Mindset

The first instalment of our new procrastinatory series (?) presenting what we listened to/trolled each other with at KRAK HQs in recent times. Upskirt cumbias, wheezing improvisations, literally prepared banjos, Franco-Chilean folk covers, teenage bedroom tracks and some Freddie Gibbs to help swallow them bureaucratic pills.

NOTE: Click on the image for sound (still figuring out these hazy Bandcamp embeds 🙄)

Barn Sour - Belgian Gelding

As if the sound of coughing hadn't already traumatized the global populace for the whole decade, someone just had to go and make a tape this sick in every way possible.

Los Hijos del Sol - Cariñito

The one song everyone in the office can hum the lyrics to.

Jacken Elswyth - Banjo With The Sound of its Own Making

Beautiful and very literal sounds by the London improviser behind the Betwixt & Between tape series. The title of the record is exactly what it is and some of us are already thinking of ways to set up a show in a wood-building atelier.


There's a certain mood to experience after a rough week(end) ❤️ Early week recovery tunes are for strengthening out the heart's BPM no doubt, with intense flowerings from the young Ghentian label Nooit Meer Naar Huis.

Mind/Body/Split - Black Sea Swamp

For the muck of post-weekend survivalism: Australian "super nutty plunderophonics" of the Rik Rue persuasion, dark and melty like this comfy wormhole.

Grykë Pyje - The Fantastic World of Grykë Pyje

Beautiful and frankly epic co-release between Nonlocal Research and Mappa where a world of nature and fantasy is spun by the wondrous minds of Jani Harvonen and Johannes Schebler. Mystical adventures beckon and sway.

Amapola - Reprises de Violeta Parra

Gorgeous covers of iconic Chilean folk singer-songwriter-composer Violeta Parra by Luna "Fiesta en el Vacio" Cedron and her mysterious friend Tony. The straightforward simplicity of these songs really touched all the rusty heartstrings round these parts.

De Puta Madre - TechnikStonic

Pauwel: "Please don't put that in there. Wait, is that TechnikStonic? Man, you don't know how many times I've listened to this."

Freddie Gibbs - Close Your Eyes

Tim: "Pass me the jack, I need some Freddie to get me through this admin hell."