Thu. 23 April — Sun. 26 April 2015
De Bunker Brussels
Hectoliter Brussels
Les Ateliers Claus Brussels
Doors at 22:00


Ventre de Biche (FR), Air Liquide (BXL), Wulfy Benzo (BXL), Ameel Brecht (BXL), Frederik Leroux (BXL), Habergeon (BXL), Benjamin Franklin (BXL), Mosquito Ego (DE), Shetahr (BXL), Mr Marcaille (BXL), Leo Küpper (BXL), Quentin Nicolai (BXL), De Neus van God Special

Brussels is a beautiful perverted and fragmented city. A city which serves as a rich soil for a cancerous growth of music, concerts, labels, art, and independent beers. This festival crawls throughout cellars and dens of musical Brussels.

Day 1 curated by Ernesto Gonzalez & Thibault Gondard.


Thu. 23 April 2015
De Bunker

20:30Wulfy Benzo
21:00Ventre de Biche
22:00Air Liquide

Fri. 24 April 2015
Radio Panik

15:30De Neus van God

Sat. 25 April 2015

14:00Frederik Leroux
14:45Ameel Brecht
16:00Benjamin Franklin

Sat. 25 April 2015
Les Ateliers Claus

21:00Mr Marcaille
23:00Mosquito Ego

Sun. 26 April 2015
Les Ateliers Claus

15:00Quentin Nicolai
16:00Leo Küpper

Wulfy Benzo

Straight outta uptown Brussels: Wulfy Benzo, the ketamine-version of Kanye West. In his own words: raw, heavy electronics mixed w/cough-syrup themed rap music.

Ventre de Biche

Nihilistic outlet of cartoonist Luca Retraite, straight out of the Strasbourg basement scene. Demented update of New Wave with worn out drummachines, hollow rants and shabby synths.

Air Liquide

Fraudulous and abrasive drum machine music by a Brussels-based youngster. Distorted neo-techno, restless songs in the shape of dense and aggresive soundscapes, or the Nine Inch Nails for romantic urban ramblers.

Ameel Brecht

Ameel Brecht is one of the multi-instrumentalists behind Razen. Solo he proves to be a masterful guitarist, blending Fado and other ancient European genres into intimate compositions with a southern feel.

Frederik Leroux

What happens if a classically trained guitarist picks up an instrument he does not know how to play? An escape from canon, skills and tradition. Frederik Leroux, once the guy behind the intimate venue Karelbal and head of the cd-r and tapelabel Sil Anders, is a classically trained guitarist who took an interst in the banjo and writes long raga’s. In the past he has played with people like Kris Vanderstraeten and Nathan Wouters among others.


Habergeon is the alias of young Bruxellois Simon Halsberge. He’s equally familiar with smooth techno as he is with abstract composition and soundart. Besides, he’s the brain behind Gentle Tapes, the imprint on which he released his tape “Sine”, containing ten refined micro-suites in the art of oscillation — music’s most elementary particle.

Benjamin Franklin

Schaerbeeks very own cult hero, the master of white man’s Casio-boogie and member of the unfortunately defunct Buffle. Benjamin Franklin brings uncanny popsongs from a blissful universe where harmony prevails, animals speak and humanity soaks itself in melancholia.

Mosquito Ego

Coolness, Ironie und un-verklemmten Humor. Loveboat? Cuntboat! Arty Farty Cyberpunk!


New kids on the block: sparse, square and existential garage rock, bouncing in between broken Black Sabbath and dirty Beat Happing. At this show they present their long awaited single ‘First Date’ (LAC records).

Mr Marcaille

‘Less is more’ taken to the letter: a cello, two bass drums, underpants and a sound more brutal than the dirtiest of all trash metal.

Leo Küpper

Küpper is a living legend of the Belgian electronic music and avant garde composition. Since the sixties, he creates — first as the assistand of Henri Pousseur — a highly personal body of work with electronics and vocals as the main elements. On this Sunday evening he presents a new book about his life and work.

Quentin Nicolai

On his first and highly recommended solo tape, the landscape architect mixes field recordings with organic synth sounds into naïve but intriguing sound collages with a high new age feel to it.