Mon. 24 March 2008
Croxhapox Ghent
Doors at 21:00

Folk / Blues

Jack Rose (US), Hush Arbors (UK/US)

Jack Rose

Some years ago guitar genius JACK ROSE sold his soul to the devil to get the talents of both John Fahey, Ry Cooder and a couple of Blind Willies. Ever since he’s touring around the globe, stunning people with his droney raga’s, his amazing bluesfolk compositions and warm personality. Having just finished three new releases he’s back again to amaze the European crowd. We could not let him cross Belgium without a concert in Ghent.

Hush Arbors

Keith Wood or HUSH ARBORS was on our wishlist for quite some time, so on this tour we got two great acts at once! After a series of self-released cdr’s his home made troubadour folk and psychedelic folkrock finally got the attentions it deserves. he played with Six Organs of Admittance, Vanishing Voice and other drone- and folk sensations. Slowly he made his way to the melancholic hearts of many forest folkies. An intimate night at Croxapox.