Thu. 10 October 2019
AB Salon Brussels
Doors at 22:00

Intestinocephalo CS launch

Giorgio Dursi (IT), Jason Kahn & Christian Wolfarth (US/CH)

Unruly sounds espouse vocal shenanigans with two acts that fling themselves unapologetically into actions of formless wayfaring. To mark his new release on Kraak, Giorgio Dursi will share sonic abstractions which mumble and meander in a spontaneous flux of undulating narratives. Joining him will be an expression of reconnected paths: Jason Kahn and Christian Wolfarth join forces once more to guide us into the inner realms of sound and its properties.


Thu. 10 October 2019
AB Salon

20:30Giorgio Dursi
21:30Jason Kahn and Christian Wolfarth

Giorgio Dursi

Coming from Italy by way of Berlin, Giorgio Dursi has fashioned an artistic practice where the familiarity of commonplace objects and voices fuse and contort into completely unexpected avenues of sound experience. In Intestinocephalo, his first release on KRAAK, Dursi deploys electronics, horns, small instrumens, vocals and, crucially, silence to construct layers of free-flowing soundscapes and uncanny drones that are imbued with a growing sentience of their own.

​Jason Kahn and Christian Wolfarth

Previously having played together as a trio with German sound artist Günter Müller, Kahn and Wolfarth’s work as a duo strains the limits of acoustic possibility through an offbeat, cathartic combination of percussion and vocals. Screeches, raspy chants and haunting wails are punctuated by emphatic, unpredictable rhythmic accents, often reaching a fever pitch of euphoric resonance through the experience of auditory displacement.